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We’ve survived the cataclysm that the Mayas didn’t predict. It is now 2013. May it be a lesson to all on conscious and informed reading and interpretation of facts. And how not to pay attention to hysterical people, fear-mongers, and those who make money out hysteria and fear!

What I am hoping for in 2013: an increasingly conscious Christian population in South Africa, which would (in my brain, anyway!) have the following practical implications:

1. Less littering

2. Less backyard breeding

3. Less suffering for domestic and other animals

4. Less meat eating

5. Increased communication and understanding between South Africans

6. Improved education: for all idle Christians to get their hands dirty, so to speak, in providing resources and time. Every little bit helps!

7. Less deliberate ignorance and prejudice – which would have a whole lot of practical implications of its own

8. More notice taken of worldwide injustice and suffering, some of it directly caused by Western imperialism (historical and current), which many Christians unconsciously accept as good and proper

9. More personal and corporate involvement in addressing the rampant corruption and stupidity displayed by the current South African government

10. More reading of and exposure to and money spent on issues that matter (such as the above) and less and less on idle, superficial matters of which the only purpose is to impress others and conform to “the world”.

Just in case anyone lifts an eyebrow and comments that it all sounds serious and even dull: I sincerely believe, and have experienced it, that true pleasure and joy come from helping others, improving their circumstances (because that improves ours as well) and making a positive and constructive impact on our environment, whatever form it takes.

One series of blogs I will be presenting will be based on the Facebook page GROW FOOD, NOT LAWNS’s title; I will be posting photos, tips, remarks (because my efforts will sometimes fail epically) and other things on my crusade (not a good word, that…) to turn our front garden into a food-growing but still nice-looking space.

Another series, some of it in Afrikaans, will address the continuing racism of depressingly large swathes of the South African white population. And a third will look at world issues with suggestions on how conscious Christians COULD be involved positively to make a difference. Please feel free to differ vociferously, but let’s all communicate on the basis of Scriptural revelation, and with intelligence and information!


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