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GROW FOOD, NOT LAWNS (borrowed phrase!!!)





This half of our front garden looks like this at the moment – actually, the photo makes it look really grim – it is more pleasing in real life. But after a very hot and dry December the lawn, at the best of times not my favourite part of the garden, is really battling. And I DECLINE to waste more water, or electricity to run the borehole pump, in order to keep this useless patch thriving. Apart from anything else, the kikuyu – a weed here- is shot through with “kweekgras”, which makes me murderous. So, in the words of the Queen of Hearts, or someone, “off with its head’ off with its head…!”

As I am a very enthusiastic, if not terribly successful, supporter of self-sufficiency, home veggie gardens and everything related, the idea is to replace the lawn with food-growing beds, while maintaining a modicum of aesthetic appeal.

SO, I have done a rough outline of where the beds will be: in the shape of a tree, as in the second photo. That will leave space to go around, reach every spot from the sides (more about the construction of the beds just now), and has possibilities for placing pots with flowery annuals or something prettyImageor whimsical.

The beds will be no-dig layers of organic material, with raised sides, in which the vegetables will grow directly. The next steps are going to be:

1. Finding economical material to build the sides up with

2. Killing the lawn – as I don’t have the strength to take it out myself, and right now decline to get labour in to do it!  with layers of wet newspaper. That will form the bottom layer of the beds. The lawn around the sides will unfortunately have to be helped out with Round-up. If anyone knows of anything kinder to the surroundings to usher out the lawn, please let me know.

Tomorrow I start bringing throwaway bricks and other stuff from the veld next to the neighbourhood in the wheelbarrow!





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