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ONE DAY there will be vegetables growing in the raised beds that will be built by me…at this rate I may well be 50 before that happens! Progress has been made, though, in that the palm fronds were replaced by bricks to mark the borders of the beds:Image


…the first line of bricks, closest to the bottom of the picture was removed and the marked area dug up, so that the small poles that will form the wall of the raised bed can be driven in. By leaving the bricks on the lawn for a few days, they leave a dead grass line easy to follow for digging purposes:



The process is ongoing: first I used a fork, as the lawn surface is just too hard for me to start with a spade. Next I will remove all the roots that have been lifted, and scoop the sand out with a spade.

The next post will show one fenced bed with the next step, namely laying down of newspaper to kill off the grass and provide the bottom layer of the raised bed. 




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