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Grow Food, not Lawns 3 (I think)



Iniquitous, these long pauses between blog posts, and in this particular case, in between doing stuff on the raised bed. But under current circumstances I am a bit dependent on material hand-outs, and the timber for making the fences of the raised bed only arrived the day before yesterday.


SO! Progress has been made in the following way:




The flat pieces of pine I received have been hammered into the sandy areas made previously by killing the grass and clearing it. In the sandy soil of the Western Cape hammering the little uprights in was not difficult, but I need and will get, twice again as many to finish the whole design. In the mean time newspaper has been put down as the bottom-most layer of the organic matter that will fill up between the fences. This was followed by all the sticks, branches, reeds and other pieces of unfortunate plant that has been lying in the sun for weeks and no doubt causing the kind neighbours an eyesore…sorry!



It is a rainy morning – hallelujah! shout the plants and I…- so the colours are all a bit muted but hopefully it is clear what is happening. As soon as the rest of the pine arrives I will be wielding the four-pound hammer again and filling the rest of the pattern up, after which I will need a LOT of manure of different kinds, so if you have bags full, please let me know!

Hopefully by next weekend there will be much more to report.


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